Monday, November 29, 2010

Maybe I should do better...

Whoa...Last time I blogged it was July. Sorry. Let's see what's new...

August: Went to see my sister Erin and her family in Indiana for a week. They just adopted a little girl from China. She is adorable. I am so happy for her and her family.

Had lots of fun in our pool in the backyard. Katelyn is a little fish. She is not scared of the water at all, so that keeps me on my toes watching her. She swims with a life jacket which is way more than my other kids did at her age. She is so cute to watch swim.

September: School started. Kiernan is now in 7th grade, Preston in 3rd, Ashlyn started Kindergarten, and Katelyn is still home with me. Ashlyn loves school and is doing well.

October: Had lots of fun running in leaves and of course going Trick or Treating. I'll post pics of our pumpkin carvings and the cuties in their costumes. Always so fun getting lots of candy and I always let them eat as much at they want...but only that night. After that, one or two a day.

November: So now I am up to date. The 1st quarter ended at school and everyone is doing well. Kiernan has a 93 in Math and his teacher says he has a good brain for it. Preston is progressing well. Ashlyn is doing well too. She still gets therapies and also has been given more Special Ed. She tends to get distracted in a large group, so working in small settings is good for her. We had Thanksgiving at our house with some of our close friends. We had so much fun playing Guesstures and watching everyone being silly. God has blessed us with great friends who are like family.

That's it for now. I'm all up to date. I'll have to post pictures later when I can get on my desktop. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and may your Christmas be blessed.

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